Introducing Kate Toledo Home

Artist Kate Toledo is excited to announce the launch of Kate Toledo Home. Using her paintings from her solo exhibition  The Portuguese Collection - a retrospective on Portuguese history through modern travel - Kate has built this collection of stylish decor pieces, along with an eclectic choice of home and personal accessories all reflecting the splendour of the Portuguese faiança and tile work from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Kate Toledo Home offers carefully selected products, with full mix-and-match capabilities, in a vast array of personal and home accessories, textiles, kitchen & dinnerware, statement chairs, wallpapers, and even a capsule collection of travel accessories.

The Kate Toledo Home collection is the perfect partner for those set on making an artistic statement, or simply looking to create an artful, lively and cozy home environment. Although Kate Toledo Home collection incorporates bursts of colours and patterns, it also offers a palette of solid colours.